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>> carolyn: good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. just a few hours until the san francisco 49ers meet and we hope beat the new york giants in the playoff game. action takes place at candlestick park and the fans
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are ready. john alston joins us live from outside the parking lot and the excitement begins to build. >> reporter: the party has started and so has the rain. it just started sprinkling a short time ago and expected to get a lot worse. people in rvs setting up barbecue pits getting ready. we found one gentleman that came from humboldt county as he did for every home game. >> we're regulars here. we come down every home game. we park here at least one day ahead of time. it's allowed. so we have a good time and get together and chew the fat. >> reporter: they have couple more hours to chew the fat. the parking lot opens at 11:30. gates open at 12:30 and kickoff is at 3:30 this afternoon.
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some problems with new orleans fans saying they were abused, san francisco police will keeping an eye situation. police have undercover officers wearing giants outfits and there is texting information for fans if they have trouble in the stands. it's peaceful and party atmosphere. barbecue going on. kickoff at 3:30. parking lot opens at 11:30 and fans are hoping that the giants lose like they did earlier in the season. >> carolyn: it's not too late to get a ticket to the big game. stub-hub has 550 resale tickets. lowest price was $330 with field box tickets selling for $850. if you go to the n.f.l. ticket exchange, tickets range from
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$250 to $10,000. also on the field today, rain. our meteorologist lisa argen is here with the forecast. >> lisa: good morning. we are looking at rain in the north bay. a couple spots right around the golden gate bridge. the bulk of the activity far to the north. it's going to take some time to spin to the south. we do have a wind advisory and heavy rain for the overnight hours. as you head on towards the game from any part of the bay area, you may run into scattered light showers. we should see the on and off light showers throughout the day today. they will pick up in the overnight hours. be prepared for the on-and-off rain showers with temperatures on the cool side, mid-50s in the afternoon lowering to the lower 50s by the evening hours. we've got more rain in the forecast for the beginning of your workweek. then after that, more sun to
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talk about. i'll be back in a few minutes. >> carolyn: sad news, former penn state coach joe pater no has died. the family announced his passing. he had been in the hospital for recent days what his family called minor complications from his lung cancer treatment. college students gathered at the statue after internet reports prematurely announced his death. he stepped down and leaves a legacy tarnished by the sex abuse scandal involving his former defensive coordinator. >> back here in the bay area, six people are recovering after being shot at a sweet 16 party in antioch. police say about 80 people were at the party on wilmot lane when it suddenly turned violent around 10:30 last night. a fight broke out in the garage between two groups quickly escalate go into a shootout. one victim was taken to a
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hospital and had surgery for a leg injury. the other five had less serious gunshot wounds. victims range in age from 13 to 21. in the oakland hills, crews are trying to stabilize a slide before more stormy weather moves in. the power is back on this morning but sergio reports that utility crews need to make sure it's safe before they can fix a broken water main. >> reporter: a chunk is gone. it collapsed when the saturated ground gave way and crumbled on the street below. they figure it was from the heavy rains on friday. it's a stretch one neighbor didn't notice much until the pavement collapsed later in the day. >> i drove over that without realizing it happened. >> wow. >> from the top you don't know what happened, you notice there are no trees. >> he and his family are one of more hundred households in the
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area that were without power for a few hours. the lights are back on, but he doesn't have any water. >> the neighbor up the road, his house has water. so we've been going up there and gathering the water, collecting water all day long. >> reporter: when the street and earth below collapsed it knocked out a water line. >> we haven't been able to get to the pipe yet but we're excavating. its four-inch main. >> reporter: they say water should be restored pretty quickly after they get to the four-inch water line. the team is working alongside kroosz crews from the city of oakland. >> the city is working down below. it's the bottom of the hillside and hauling materials out and trying to make it habitable and safe. >> there is no estimate yet from city crews how long it's going to take to do that. in the oakland hills, "abc 7 news". >> carolyn: this morning oakland
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police are continuing their search for a shooting suspect who is considered armed and dangerous. officers responded to a report of a double shooting yesterday morning near 89th and macarthur. the suspect hid in a commercial building for five hours. when a s.w.a.t. team finally went inside he wasn't there. a family argument may have led to the shooting. >> this is over a family dispute involving three people, two of the individuals involved in this argument suffered gunshot wounds and third person is our suspect. >> carolyn: shortly after the barricades came down a fire broke out in an auto repair shop. investigators believe that was caused by flash grenades used by the s.w.a.t. teams. the two shooting victims are in the hospital. they are expected to be okay. san francisco mayor ed lee is asking ross mirkarimi to do soul searching. he questions whether mirkarimi
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can stay in miss position now that domestic violence charges have been filed against him. mirkarimi faces three misdemeanor counts in connection with an argument he had with his wife on new year's eve. he is due back in court tomorrow when on judge is expected to set a trial date. >> anti-abortion activists took their fight to the heart of opposition yesterday. ♪ >> carolyn: thousands flooded the civic center plaza marking the 39th anniversary of the roe versus wade decision. annual walk for life drew protestors from across the country. march to justin hermann plaza where they came face to face a smaller group of pro-choice advocates taking part in the west coast rally for reproductive justice. the two sides were peaceful. coming up next, the latest on the search to recover missing
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passengers from that capsized cruise ship off the italian coast. and a big victory for newt gingrich in south carolina has him rethinking his strategy and the race for the gop presidential nomination.
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fiber one. >> carolyn: italian officials say divers have pulled yet another woman's body from the costa concordia. 13 people have been confirmed
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dead in the january 13th accident. 19 people are still missing. divers are calling their work a recovery, not a rescue and abc news is reporting there is audio where the captain tells the coastguard he was going to stay on the ship. he is under house arrest during the investigation for abandoning ship on alleged manslaughter charges. >> coming up, disappointing second place finish, mitt romney is now promising this morning that he is going to release his tax returns on tuesday. romney tells fox news sunday he was planning to release them in april anyway. he decided to make them public now he says because the issue has become a distraction for his campaign. south carolina winner newt gingrich commends that decision. jonathan carl reports, it's a whole new republican race.
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>> newt gingrich is back. >> thank you. everyone in south carolina who decided to be with us in changing washington. >> reporter: little money or organization compared to mitt romney, but newt won big anyway. >> we showed here in south carolina people's power with the right ideas beats big money. with your help we'll prove it again in florida. >> reporter: for romney was a major blow. jaws week ago, polls showed had i am with a double digital lead in south carolina. >> tonight i want to congratulate speaker gingrich and on hard fought campaign. >> but romeny's lashed out on gingrich on romney's work at bing capital. >> when my opponents attack free enterprise, they not only are attacking me, they attack every person that dreams of a better
9:14 am
future. i will support you and i will help you have a better future. i'll make sure that america is an opportunity for all. >> reporter: he offered a reminder it is romney that has money to run a national campaign. >> in the coming weeks and month i'll keep fighting for every single vote. i will compete in every single state. >> reporter: it was a brutally negative race but gingrich had only praise of his opponent. even mitt romney who he had called a liar and businessman that profits on job loss. >> governor romney is nonetheless the good example of america. he is hard working. he has been very successful. >> carolyn: as far as seconds's third place finisher, rick santorum will be a top contend they are the florida primary. the former pennsylvania senator
9:15 am
tells this week he has no plans to step aside. >> george, there is one thing you know, if you don't like the state of race right now, wait until the next race. this idea because one person did well, finished fourth and fifth, why isn't everybody calling him to get out of the race. we're going to florida and beyond. >> carolyn: and he rejects notions that conservatives need to gang up in order to beat mitt romney reminding that santorum finished ahead of him in iowa. lisa argen is here and she is talking about, of course, the weather. >> lisa: the sky behind us, waking up to a lot of clouds. raindrops in the north bay. here is emeryville. we're in the 40s. we've with got a winter storm warning and wind advisory on the way. i'll spell it out coming up.
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>> carolyn: worrying about the weather for the niners and new york giants set to battle at the stick. mike shumann's report on the game coming up. ♪
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>> carolyn: welcome back. it is 9:18. a look from heavenly cam showing
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you the resort there. a lot of empty chairs on the left. this first time in the sierra leaving a foot of snow. heavenly opened 30 runs yesterday after a long season of having to make its own snow. officials say they need another good storm before all of the resorts are in full swing. looks beautiful there, but no one out. last notable snowfall was in early november and last notable rainfall, when was that lisa argen. >> lisa: it was yesterday. in the distance there you could see it was looking pretty good. snow was at higher elevations. we saw a little less down at lake level. today maybe another foot overnight. maybe a foot and a half, two
9:20 am
feet at 7,000 feet. it's looking better that's for sure. right now a little bleak down in santa cruz with a lot of clouds. we have rain to talk about right now in the bay area, but the bulk of it is going to hold off. here is a look from roof camera, drops on the lens and live doppler 7-hd shows returns. heavier returns in the north bay from santa rosa to cloverdale. also off the coast. we'll go into the north bay, you'll notice right around larkspur and through tiburon, it's raining. also up in napa, sonoma but the east bay, it's reaching right around concord right now and walnut creek. richmond looking at wet weather. down on the peninsula, a few drops in the city, but notice lighter returns across the bay. we will look for one more spot.
9:21 am
more is offshore. we are looking to pick up overnight. it will remain in north bay for most of the day. 45 in fremont, with 44 in los gatos. 51 in half moon. fog is developing from novato to santa rosa. as the clouds begin to thicken. we'll look for the decreasing visibility and conditions going downhill in the north bay. rest of the bay area, through the afternoon for the rain to pick up and wind and then it's over by tomorrow. speaking of the wind, we've got a wind advisory that will be posted around 10:00 tonight. that is when we expect the gusts cold front will push on through until 2:00 a.m. overall, hopefully an inch of rain in san francisco by tomorrow morning. here is way the rest of the day is going to shape up.
9:22 am
by 3:00, notice still the bulk of the activity is in the north bay. looking offshore, point reyes and santa rosa. by 4:00, 5:00, 7:00, few spotty showers show up. midnight, heavy rain in the north bay. rain along the coast. winds will pick up and then through 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, it's coming down. still for the morning commute. we're looking at rain especially in the east and south bay. then we're back into sunshine in the afternoon. so the winter storm warning is up in the vair nevada from 4:00 this afternoon. winds will gust to on the miles an hour. about the same as system yesterday as we're picking up a foot around lake level. snow levels will be lowering and cooler storm. that is going on later on today so a high surf advisory the next hour. mid-50s to low 50s today. a rapidly drying and mild
9:23 am
forecast by tomorrow afternoon. so i think be prepared for the rain but i think the bulk of the rain is not going to hit until later on today. >> carolyn: let he make sure. the game may not be drenched. >> we'll see on and off rain. >> carolyn: that sounds better than earlier this morning. the computer models were saying something else. we're just about six hours away from the n.f.c. championship game between the niners and new york giants. here is shu with a preview. good morning, we're down to the final four in the n.f.l. playoffs. patriots hosting the ravens and 49ers hosting the giants. the line is going to have to step it up. gore ran for 89 yards last week. he needs to be ignite if it's wet conditions. nou alex smith is confident.
9:24 am
>> i have a ton of confidence in those guys. they have done it all year. they did a good job effort. it will be a challenge. it's all of us, to be a part of it. >> 49er defense is the best in the n.f.l. in stopping the run and have their hands full with 260 pound brandon jacobs and bradshaw. 49ers led the league in knocking players out of the game especially running backs. >> when you play physical people get hurt. we don't want to go out and essentially hurt anybody. when you play this game, the way we play and you play it fast and some guys end up being injured. giants arrived in san
9:25 am
francisco around 5:30 last night. the airport high, they are hottest team, including knocking off the defending superbowl champions in green bay. eli manning has an explosive offense but he has respect to the niner defense. >> they make a lot of big plays on defense. obviously their offense builds off that position. so from offensive standpoint we have to be very sound. the mechanics have to be perfect. >> the anticipation right now, you have to make sure you don't get too excited. >> the superbowl, but 3:30 for a shot at superbowl. >> sharks on the road facing a team that eliminated them last year. showing dan who is the sharks
9:26 am
fan. 4-0 vancouver. and he takes out roberto and cotur played defense. he is denied. keeps it tied. tied at 3. cody deflects off of michael they drop second straight, 4-3 the final. >> this game all huskies. tony drives, he led with 21. washington up 2939-33. stanford gets swept by the washington team. >> usf taking on portland. dominic lays it in. and angelo misses from 3 and cody with a steal and puts it back. he led the dons with 15 and last chance for portland. air ball and can only manage two.
9:27 am
72-71 was the final. >> and rafael nadal taking on his oh peonltd and crosscourt. no chance for lopez. match point for nadal, serve, returned by lopez but nadal cruises in a straight set victory. >> niners and giants today at 3:30. we'll see you at 5:00. i'm mike shumann zblooj. >> carolyn: up next the planned bay bridge shut down that will allow caltrans top open the new span six months early. some fans are arriving at candlestick park getting ready to tailgate for this afternoon's huge championship game. we'll have a live report coming up.
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>> look go niners!
9:30 am
playoff game with the new york giants is just a few hours away but tailgating parties are already starting. john alston joins us live. john, pino and ribs? >> reporter: i didn't hear a word you said. 49ers, they blew a horn off a semi truck. if you like football in the rain. rain has picked up last 30 minutes. there are fans along here but hiding under trees like we are. a few moments. we got to see air bud the famous air bud from feature film from running some patterns. checking out and much like the 49ers are doing today. making completions. air bud will receiving some passes as part of the pre-game show. here is what his handler told us a short time ago. >> he'll be running five or six
9:31 am
patterns. 90% of the games. the home team wins. we think it would be good luck charm. >> reporter: we're hoping so. that was from kevin from san mateo. he is pulling for the 49ers. this the scene, people gathering umbrellas are out and people cooking barbecue under a tent. there are rvs parked along gillman. the parking lot is going to open at 11:30. gates to get in stick is at 12:30 and kickoff is at 3:30. anybody who wears blue doesn't get had a rationed. live at candlestick, john alston. >> carolyn: they can see you on the right side you have the abc logo. that is all right. >> we are the good guys. >> carolyn: this afternoon n.f.c. championship game means
9:32 am
big money for candlestick park but for local businesses, as well. here a lisa amin gulezian with that story. >> at union square, this weekend staffing has doubled. owners can't afford a repeat of last week when the bar ran out of beer during the 49ers' saints game. long time employees are noticing a new trend. >> people are making a whole thing of it. instead of going to the game and going home, they are staying in the city. >> the operative word is city. san francisco is getting the economic boost it needs, restaurants and hotels are benefiting from the out-of-town fans and their money. >> january, holidays, a little slower but with these kinds of activities we are seeing the needle move. >> sports fan need merchandise. they have reportedly sold out of 49er jerseys and t-shirts.
9:33 am
now independent vendors are popping up all over town. >> this is the only place we've been able to buy 49er paraphernalia. >> reporter: but even here inventory is running low. >> we feel like the city is pumped up and having fun. >> and the bakery, the head baker is having fun creating 49ers inspired cupcakes. >> this is red velvet. >> orders for these special cupcakes are up five to 10 percent. these is making hundreds. >> everything, i have noticed people, they want red and gold, anything to do with the 49ers. >> reporter: they win the superbowl, they say the economic benefit will keep on coming, meaning san francisco will be high on people's radar when it comes to choosing a vacation spot and convention destination. lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7
9:34 am
news". >> carolyn: of course, there are lots of fans cheering on their favorite team this weekend. check out this cheerleader, what a cutie in her red and gold. this one, ready to cheer on the 49ers in her pink jersey. and this 49ers family, grandmother with grandchildren. why don't you send us your videos to ureport or e-mail photos to our address. in other news, new initiative on car insurance sounds like it gives drivers a break when it comes to continuous coverage with the same company and the same rates, but critics aren't so sure. capital correspondent nannette miranda has the story from sacramento. >> reporter: the 2012 automobile insurance discount account would allow california drivers to get a break in price for continuous
9:35 am
coverage, even if they decide to switch companies. in other words, your discount is affordable. state law prohibits companies from looking at past coverage when quoting premiums. >> it allows prices to be more competitive and brokers to shop for better deals for consumers. >> reporter: rachel says, consumer could not move their phone number to a different carrier to take advantage of a better price. now that is allowed, rates are more competitive there. >> this is not about discounts, this is about the surcharge. >> reporter: consumer federation of california says it's not good for people who have been uninsured for a time even because they gave up their car. cost of getting reinsured will jump. it also points out coverage doesn't determine whether you are good driver. >> simply the fact you had a break in coverage in the last couple years will be held against you and you will face
9:36 am
massive surcharges, 40% to 50% more. >> they spent $16 million to pass a similar initiative in 2010 but failed, but this time changes to appease critics and billionaire ceo of mercury donated $8 million to the effort not the company. a move that government watchdog groups may mean the campaign is trying to hide something. >> it looks like they are. they don't want voters to know it's mercury insurance company behind this measure. >> reporter: they say the allegations are false but ceo george joseph is just trying to leave a legacy. >> he is a great guy. he really wants to do best for california. >> it's unclear how much the occupy movement will have on the november election but clearly members of questioned the motive of billionaires. >> carolyn: shut down of the bay bridge is coming in a few weeks.
9:37 am
caltrans will close the westbound deck, from friday 17th of february to tuesday morning the 22nd. lyanne melendez has a look what the latest construction project will accomplish. >> cruise have started work alongside the existing deck. you can see what it looks like today. a somewhat straight incline. but drivers will experience a slight alignment change as traffic is shifted to the south. in other words, away from the construction. >> four days, basically to put traffic on it. we're finishing the heavy construction. the widening to the incline is nearly done. by presidents' day weekend everything will be complete. >> by putting in that detour now the entire bridge will open ahead of schedule. >> our previous schedule
9:38 am
literally happened opening westbound in late 2013 and then keeping the eastbound traffic on the old bridge for another six months to a year. to do the work we're going to do now. >> reporter: during presidents' day weekend it will still be open driving to the east bay. for those trying to get san francisco, bart will have overnight service. buses will still operating dropping commuters off a at bart stations. >> we will run transbay service but it won't be crossing the bridge. it will terminate at west oakland bart station. >> one thing could delay the reopening of the bridge. >> the challenge of this closure is weather. we can't put all the patterns in if it's raining. >> reporter: the closures have occurred during labor day weekend but caltrans says it can't afford to wait until then and that is why they selected
9:39 am
president's you day weekend. well, it's always about the weather. >> getting wet out there, it's been raining in the north bay. look at this shot. a little bit of rain in the morning afternoon hours and then a lot of rain overnight. i'll put the numbers on that and particulars coming up. >> carolyn: also ahead a bay area man who has taken a kindle e-reader and turned it into a
9:40 am
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"and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. well, lisa that last camera shot makes the city look so gray and gloomy. >> rain around the bay but we've got the shot from emeryville that doesn't look as foreboding but drops out there in san
9:42 am
francisco. you can see that here from our roof camera. we have some rain coming in this morning, light rain and then we'll have more moderate rain throughout the evening rain and heavy rain on tap for the overnight hours. the game falls right in between there where we'll see light rain showers leading up and see a bit of a break. here is a look, live doppler 7-hd. most of the rain has been confined to the north bay. now it's heading into the sacramento valley. tiburon, highway 101, berkeley, 580, walnut creek, concord wet weather. down the peninsula and into the east bay from walnut creek back through berkeley. looking at the wet weather, moss beach and finally down through pescadero and santa cruz, not much going on there. it will take the bulk of the day the system that is well offshore
9:43 am
to move onshore. gusty winds and most of it if not all of it happening late tonight and especially through the overnight hours. this is just the early stuff, the preliminary tenth or so. 45, 57 in san francisco. fog has been developing from santa rosa to novato. showers with increasing will be in the north bay. rest of the bay area will see spotty rain showers. it will be breezy and wind advisories slated to go later tonight. as soon as tomorrow, we're back into a dry weather pattern with sunshine. a little windy by sog through 6:00 this morning. wind advisory tomorrow morning and cold front actually pushes on through by about midnight until 2:00 a.m. so santa cruz and daiablo
9:44 am
mountains, winds will pick up. and you'll notice from the early morning hours, until noontime we have the rain here. then game time 4:00 it's fairg the north bay. early evening hours, spotty showers but by 10:00 tonight you've got the heavier rain across the bay. winds pick up by 5:00 a.m. out of the north bay, still pushing through the east and south bay. high pressure builds in and we'll see returns of the fog and colder mornings. in terms of the snow it is coming. winter weather advisory has been switched to a winter storm warnings from 4:00 afternoon to 4:00 on monday. low to mid-50s today. down by monterey bay, light rain throughout much of the day and then heavier overnight. so that system we could see half an inch overnight and perhaps half an inch to three inches in
9:45 am
the wettest locations of the north bay, santa cruz mountains. everyone else three-quarters of an inch or so. >> carolyn: we are so far behind. later on this morning we'll take a look at different ways couples can conceive. a fertility psychologist used acupuncture and herbs to help a family conceive two children. eric thomas hosts the show and you'll learn another method for conception. ivf. >> is in vitro fertilization. its process where you collect the egg from the woman and you collected the sperm from the man. then you put the sperm and egg together outside the body. >> carolyn: you can join eric thomas for "beyond the headlines" right after our newscast. most people choose a tablet computer based on what it can
9:46 am
do. the man you are about to meet is not most people. he wanted to make it the way he wanted to make it work. here is a carolyn johnson with the story. >> by using up and down buttons here, i can traverse the menu. >> if gordon's bedroom looks like a miniature radio shack. he spent hundreds of hours building a surprise gift for his sister who suffers from cerebral palsy. >> turning that pages is difficult for her. >> she wanted to give her the gift of reading through the popular kindle reader. since the disease has devastated the motor control in her hands the small tablet was difficult to use. >> it's a great device for reading but it requires dexterity to use. >> so he set out to build a control panel with large buttons that she could easily navigate.
9:47 am
that turned out to be simple part. marrying it to the sir sir kit tri-. >> i didn't use their keyboard at all. and then trial and error process figured out how the keyboard works. >> final step was cracking the software and adding extra code. six months after he started, he was able to bring the device he called the franken kindle to his sister. >> we have the buttons down here that basically will control it for you. >> after a few minutes of trial and error she was turning the pages of a virtual book. >> just like that. pretty cool. >> yeah. >> using his sister's feedback, he is working on streamlining the design. his ultimate goal is to create a
9:48 am
device not only to help her but other disabled readers as we'll. >> the parking scramble, talking app to excitement.
9:49 am
9:50 am
it's your social network. all mixed together. with galaxy nexus by samsung, now you can organize your contacts into circles, like you do in real life. so you can choose what people see and what they don't. and with the speed of verizon 4g lte, you can chat as a group in a googleplus hangout without missing a beat. introducing the first phone built for android 4.0. only at verizon. >> carolyn: there is a new tool that may help you park in san francisco. it's an app that guides you to the nearest open spot. alan wang takes it on a test drive.
9:51 am
>> it's just a big green button that guides you to the nearest open parking spot in san francisco. >> there is one space on the block. congratulations! >> where is it. there it is. >> david designed a voice park, uses data from existing parking sensors which designed the park app, but he thought it was too difficult to use while driving. >> you have the color codes what is available and not available. you have to navigate as though are holding a paper map while you are driving. >> voice park uses realtime information on more than 19,000 parking spots in eight pilot areas around san francisco. >> there are 838 spaces
9:52 am
available. >> it knows when commercial spots are available to the public and refreshes every eight seconds. >> if somebody snag that has it will recalculate that and take you to the nearest one after that. >> we decided to let an expert find parking spots. parking vale. >> on pine street we went right around the block, it was that easy. >> but the app could not keep up with sudden direction changes. it doesn't each temporary construction zones either, but he says it's a work in progress and the first of its kind. in less than a month, 30,000 more spots will be available. in san francisco, alan wang, "abc 7 news." >> that app developer hopes to make it available in 50 cities by the end of the year. up next, the living sculpture that is taking shape
9:53 am
along the bay. a work of heart designed to blend in with the city environment.
9:54 am
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right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. >> carolyn: are the winning numbers from last nights super lotto plus. mega number 4. no one correctly picked all six numbers. what they call a living sculpture is taking shape at the bay area discovery museum along the water in sausalito. branches and sticks are being transformed into a work of art. here is don sanchez with a preview. >> reporter: bending weaving willow branches, creating a structure that is grand and intimate. an old hut or bird nest. it reflects an environmental sense built. >> i like the drawing style, the
9:56 am
quality i can pull out of it. illusion that it casts. i had figure out what was new and they entangle. >> willows that look defiant that succumb to the breeze. they from a willow tree farm. it's for the structure doesn't look handmade, more like nature. he knows the look he wants but nothing is set in stone. >> we do prim drawings. a lot of it is reaction at the time. and we get our pattern out, from there is a lot of ad-libing. >> he claims it will be earthquake proof making it safe people to walk in here. it's about making a connection with nature. you come inside, it's unexpected. a sense of discovery.
9:57 am
if you are an adult, this labyrinth brings like a flood of childhood memories. >> a certain illusion of freedom and play and sense of excitement in architecture where you see bends and turns. >> his previous piece was here for seven years and visited by two million people. perhaps this one will last as long. it takes three weeks to construct this new one. grand opening is friday afternoon january 27th. don sanchez, "abc 7 news". >> carolyn: pretty neat. year of the dragon starts tomorrow. crowds packed oakland renaissance plaza shopping for gifts and decorations. it is opened again today. it's held every year in oakland's chinatown. tet festival continues at santa
9:58 am
clara. new year's parade is not until february 11th. let's get a final check of the accu-weather forecast with lisa argen. >> light rain out there. live doppler 7-hd confirms the heavier rain is up to the north. sonoma county and most of the activity will remain light throughout the day. we're going to see a stronger system move in late tonight. so gusty winds, mid-50s to low 50s. the bulk of the rain comes through from 10:00 to about 4:00 a.m. then we'll dry out and sunny and mild the rest of the week. >> carolyn: that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and talk about it at have a great sunday. go niners!
9:59 am
♪ beth! hi! looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed. these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right -- whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multi-grain cheerios -- 5 whole grains, 110 calories.

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